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Josey Butler, Streakin B Art

"A teacher once told me, "You will never make a living drawing horses or riding them. So you better pay attention in class." I never cared much for doing what I was told."

Artist Josey Butler grew up on a horse. If she wasn't painting them she was drawing them. In high school her art teacher Howard South introduced her to the chaos of watercolour. Spending the vast majority of her young adult life as a horse trainer she never stopped drawing horses. It wasn't until a few years ago just before the birth of her daughter she rediscovered her love for the messy imperfection of watercolour and started painting again. What started out as a way to relieve stress turned into a second career via facebook marketing and word of mouth. With the birth of her daughter she began to pull back from training horses for the public and focus on her art as her primary goals.  Josey offers one of a kind imaginative pieces, custom commissions and live event painting as a part of her portfolio. Her work has been featured on commemorative posters, in shows all over Texas and recently the cover of a motivational book by WPRA World Champion Donene Taylor. Today Josey still trains and competes as an AQHA, WPRA, and NRCHA member with her husband based in Sulphur Springs Tx. 

We survived out first out together
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