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Up Against the Wall

Up Against the Wall

24x18 Mixed Media on Paper


This piece comes with the write up of the story behind it's creation.


“Up Against the Wall”
Horses have been inspiring Artists for centuries, from the great war horses of the Middle Ages to the brilliant competitors we cherish today, horses have never lost their idolatry in the world and have achieved moments in sports history that inspired both writers and artists alike. Their great win’s are often accompanied by great moments that define the victory. A world championship isn’t always handed over on a silver platter. It takes guts to let it all hang out. When I decided to do this painting I was sitting in the stands at the 2018 World Championship Snaffle Bit Futurity. A rider was in the middle of a run with a cow pushing on him. The familiar sound of a new cow buzzer blasted as it had many times that night for others. Instead of pulling up and accepting a hopefully better cow the rider asked his horse to play the hand they were dealt. The crowd went insane and I looked to my friend seated to the right of me and said that’s a painting and that’s how ‘Up Against the Wall” was created. This painting is meant to inspire everyone who ever loved a great horse that defied adversity and gave their partner everything they had.

Josey Butler, Artist
Streakin B Art and Design

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